A Display Cabinet

This display cabinet was recently up on Freecycle (an internet site where people give away all sorts) and I am glad I saved it from the dump, it is so adorable. I am still debating whether to paint it at this stage, but it will need some kind of refinishing. In any case, some repair is needed where the top has become disjointed and a glass pane missing on the side will need to be replaced. However, it seemed perfect for the photoshoot I did last week when I was trying out my friend's digital reflex camera...

Display Cabinet


Display Cabinet

I love the beading detail around the top of the vitrine and on the knob.

Display Cabinet

Knob Detail

I have been reading J.K. Rowling these last few weeks, and I expect this is where my inspiration lays here, as my son walked in and exclaimed: "I love this, it's just like Hogwarts!" I do have a penchant for curiosities and unlikely objects, like these rusty plumbing elbows, which as a collection, look super sweet, or again these wooden fanions taking on an air of decorative balls. I remember asking the price of the pipes to the old man sitting in the corner his junk shop. He looked at me with a furrowed brow in worry and question, he said: "You can have those". It made me smile.

Elbow Pipes

A few vintage books act as pedestal for a large beetle paperweight, while this shell turned into a trinket box and a couple of antlers found in the woods near my dad's set off a turn of the century mood.

Beetle Paperweight


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