A new Yoga routine and a creative retreat

A few months ago, I was forced to take a break due to health issues but now I'm back feeling stronger than ever. It has been quite a journey and in all honesty, so much has happened since I last came to this corner, I've not known where to start again. I guess it's logical to go back to where I left things off and proceed from there...
So, my last post was about how a little shopping therapy sometimes works wonders. Well, that and a glass of wine, of course. Despite going to yoga, my shoulders had been hurting more and more, when last March, the pain became so excruciating and movement was so severely reduced, I was given an injection and prescribed physiotherapy sessions. 
When the physio asked me if I did any physical activity - bar sanding, sawing, painting and breaking down the odd wall! - I replied proudly that I was going to yoga once a week. He looked at me sideways with a raised eyebrow and said it was great but nowhere near enough! Mumph. Every day would be best, plus the exercises he was giving me, and if I could throw in a few runs a week, that'd be just fine. Er... OK... First off, I naturally thought the guy was out of his tree, I mean, I could barely lift an arm anymore, but every day? How do I even find the time?!
But this was serious, so I had to take his advice. How could I do yoga every day though, I wondered?  I searched YouTube and discovered an amazing and very unique yoga teacher called Kris Moon. Her classes are really well thought-out I find and her Gentle Mindful Morning Yoga class has been particularly accessible and efficient. This lesson lasts about 30 minutes, but she offers quick 10-minute fixes so it's easy to slot inside a day. Learning to let go made me realise that physical state is very closely intertwined with mental state. Now, I wouldn't say I'm enlightened just yet, but I'm definitely more chilled! And I'm getting my body back.
I had known for some time that working on this creative business had been a major cause of stress. How could I know I was in the right direction? Was I even legit'? So I took this opportunity to go into creative retreat. I enjoyed toying with new ideas, I made a list of realistic goals. As my strength built up, I started to work again. On my house, and on the furniture I'll be selling. I worked without putting any pressure on myself, without taking photos, without writing about it, without judging myself. I will share all my progress with you in separate posts as normal activity resumes, but here's a sneak peek! 
 Malphor's living room
The new shelving is up and this living room is now really coming together. As a reminder, see the living room plan here.There are still a few loose ends, like fixing that hanging wire, painting the ceiling, etc. but all in all I am pleased on how the room feels.
I have also been working on furniture I am very excited about that will be coming to my Etsy shop very shortly.
Skull handle
How do you stay focused and find your balance?
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