Grand Designs Live

What a thrill it's been! When the lovely Chris Billinghurst welcomed me as a member of The House Of Upcycling a few months ago, needless to say, I was over the moon. If you are not familiar with it, The House Of Upcycling is the UK and Ireland's foremost independent authority on professional upcycling for the home. Its status of leading authority and representative of premium upcycling for interiors has allowed its members to be involved with many public and private events, creative and business skill workshops, networking sessions, talks on upcycling and work with the KLC School of Design in Chelsea, the Handmade Festival, the London Upcycling Show and Grand Designs Live, London and Birmingham. It was an incredible boost for me as I felt honoured and a part of a far bigger place than my workshop, which let's be honest, can be a lonely place at times! 

Dominique and Chris at Grand Design Live

So when Chris announced that The House of Upcycling will have a stand at Grand Designs Live in Birmingham this Autumn and would I like to be a guest member, I literally jumped for joy!

Malphor at Grand Designs Live

And what an incredible experience it was. Aside from selling one of the items I had brought within five minutes of setting up, meeting fellow upcyclers and the general public was a rich experience. I was touched by the genuine concern and support of the mission of upcyclers to do less harm to the planet whilst making interiors always more beautiful.

Malphor at Grand Designs Live

Cushion available in the shop

And now, I must return to the less glamorous place that is my workshop, but where I will be feeling motivated to create new treasures like never before. 

Malphor at Grand Designs Live

Roe deer skull, side table available in the shop 

A special thanks to my dear friends Amalia of Latte Design who helped me design a flyer for the occasion and Sam of This Woman's Work for helping on the day and being a great company.

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