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Happy New Year to all! 2018 proved to be fantastic for Malphor. I had an incredible response from readers, customers and the creative community and I would like to thank you all for your support. It can be very daunting and it is definitely a lonely path to embark on a professional creative project, so all of the feedback and encouragements make it all worth it. 

The winner of the year is undeniably my boho chic thrones project which I have to say is of my all time favourites too!


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15 most awe-inspiring upcycled beauties for 2018!⁣

... We continue with a regal jewel from Instagram. The @malphor creator says that her passion for upcycling started with transforming vintage chairs like these. Impressive!

anniesloan2 Annie Sloan

I love using Dark Chalk Paint® Wax over my brighter colours, just like these chairs in Antibes Green. Dominique who runs the blog Malphor created these bohemian beauties using my paint and products and the final result is just enchanting! 

Majestic and bohemian, we have fallen in love with these bold and beautiful chairs by Oxford, UK, based blogger Dominique of Malphor
Using Antibes Green on the majority of these chairs, she added a touch of Brass Leaf and lashing of Dark Wax for an opulent finish.

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...It never fails to astound me that the work being produced under the category of professional upcycling in 2018 is so often incredibly beautiful and in many cases akin to art more than furniture decor. This chair by @malphor evokes the Indian culture, mixing memories of the Raj with the colours of modern India...

I have all sorts of new ideas and plans for 2019 but the essential part will be to develop a customer base so that I can actually make a living out of this and continue to save stuff from the landfill while making your interiors cooler than ever. So expect more creations, a physical presence in the Oxfordshire community, and I am hoping to set up workshops as well to share the love. But first things first, I must write the dreaded business plan... Yes I know, I naively thought I could get away without one, but who was I kidding. Even if it's never going to end up on my banker's desk (mind you, I wouldn't say no to a nice big van), it has become clear that it is an essential step for me, just to project realistic goals to keep focused on. 

I am embarking on a free course provided by Natwest called the Accelerator to sharpen my gain business skills. I have also joined The Coven, an online membership platform dedicated to supporting and helping women grow their business, so I can turn to someone understanding and competent when I start doubting and panicking. And, as always, if you have any suggestions, random thoughts or questions, please leave a comment below. It all helps.

Oh and one last thing, I offer free postage throughout January (with a bonus 10% discount for anyone signing up to the newsletter), so grab yourself a bargain and spread the word! Thanks again.


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