My Purple Door and Windows

Was there any particular reason why I chose purple for my door and windows? Was it because purple is the colour of wealth and royalty? Did I want to make a statement? Was I being mystical? No. I just fancied it. Since the house is facing south, I planted a purple wisteria back in the spring, and intend to add a lavender and hydrangeas. These plants seem to do well in England, yet remind me of my childhood in France, so it seemed natural to me to complement them with purple hues on the external woodwork. I had no idea purple was as controversial as Marmite! But whether passers-by love it or hate it, I love it. I could have played it safe and keep things more traditional, but, hey, life's too short!

We received our new wooden-framed windows and shutters last month. These will be fitted on the first floor of the house, as the old windows, despite their charm, are single-glazed and rotten through and through. The downstairs bay window with its old double-glazing will have to wait, but with a lick of paint, it will do nicely. With the joiner already booked in, I have my work cut out if I want to have everything painted and ready to fit by then.

I start with sanding the windows as they came varnished. I use 3M anticlog sand paper, very efficient for removing paint and varnish.


Then on with some all surface, all weather type of undercoat.


Finally, I paint two coats of Farrow and Ball Exterior Eggshell in Brassica on the casements and Pelt on the frames. You might have noticed by now, that I use Farrow and Ball paint a lot. I have to admit that I simply adore their colour palette and the quality of their paint. I am never disappointed with them, whether it's in colour or texture, as I have been in the past with other brands. Paint can be daunting to use because it can soon become an expensive mistake, so I suppose once you find a brand you like to work with, you tend to stick to it!


I also recommend using a synthetic paint brush to apply paint. It gives a smooth finish avoiding brush strokes showing once the paint has dried, and you won't get any stray hair for a more precise application. On with the shutters.

Painting Shutters

And here's the result. A mauve and aubergine front door and windows. In the words of a passer-by: "What a lovely colour! It's a bit mad, but it's lovely!" I agree! I shall now eagerly await next spring to see it framed by purple plants and flowers. I might even add window boxes...




Purple Windows


But for now, I shall pack my suitcase, close the shutters and leave for a well-deserved break in France. I'll be checking out my favourite junk shops while I'm there, so I expect I'll be bringing lots of goodies back...


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