Boho Over-sized Chairs

I'm so super thrilled with how these over-sized chairs have turned out. It took me a while to finish them, but that's just the nature of some projects. I had to find the right vibe for them, and even though green came to me as an obvious colour for the frame, finding the fabric to elevate them to their rightful grandeur proved tricky, especially on a tight budget - and these are epic. Upholstery fabric can be so expensive. Then, I came across some large second-hand cushion covers and everything slotted into place...

For a quick reminder, this more or less how I'd left them. The frame was painted with Annie's Antibes Green, with touches of Cream, Graphite, gold paint and 'gold' leaf on the scrolls at the top. The whole lot was aged using black wax... For more details, read Games of Thrones here

Painted frame

I'd also started on the upholstery, tacking webbing and scrim, and so they remained for a while.


I had kept the original foam pads for the backrests of the chairs. As a principle, I try to recycle everything I can, and these were good enough to keep. I cover the foam with calico using my amazing stapler. Seriously, this stapler is a life-changer. Jobs get done so quickly with this, I just don't know how I managed without one for so long. It's super powerful and its long nose comes in handy to reach those awkward corners. For those interested, it's a Tacwise Upholstery Air Satpler A7116V and you will need an air compressor for it.


A layer of polyester wadding will add plumpness before I staple the top cover on. Like I said, I recycled two large cushion covers for this, removing the zips and cutting each in two halves, providing four pieces for the seats and backrests.

Recycled cushion fabric top cover

To shape the seats, I'm recycling some wool insulation pads I had salvaged. Followed by calico, wadding and top cover. I tidy the edges glueing gold-coloured braid with a hot glue gun.


And here are the beasts.

Elephant fabric and gold braid

I am so in love with these, I have decided to keep them for while. They'll go in my bedroom but for now, I shoot them downstairs. It's really inspiring me to makeover my boudoir, although this will have to come after I finish the lounge, bathroom, staircase, kitchen... I do have my work cut out...

Boho thrones in Antibes Green

Just stunning. So fresh and vibrant, they harmonise well with lots of greenery. 

Greenery and green furniture

Gold leaf detail

Check out those sweet lion's paw feet.

Lion Paw Foot

Green might be out of some people's comfort zone when it comes to furniture, but this bold colour looks definitely glorious on these chairs. Married with softer colours the green becomes a mere accent, and peps up your room just like a plant would.  

Gorgeous Antibes Green

Antibes Green oversized chairs


M Logo Sept 2016

Buy the side table here 

Limed-oak side table

M Logo Sept 2016

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